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My mission is to get your message across


I will ensure that you are heard. You will truly communicate.


I regularly work during high-level meetings between Turkish and Belgian officials, including once between the Turkish President and the Belgian Prime Minister in October 2015.


I also work in simultaneous and consecutive mode during meetings held at the European Parliament on environmental, human rights, energy and other matters, as well as for TAIEX (the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission) during seminars, workshops and  conferences organised on subjects as diverse as decentralization, corruption, policing and democracy, appellations of origin, or cybercrime.


I have interpreted for agricultural engineers coming from Turkey to France to buy wheat seeds, for diamond retailers coming to Antwerp to buy diamonds, engineers who come to learn about laser engraving and many other professionals who need to hear and be heard exactly as intended. And everyone was able to reach their goals and leave satisfied.


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