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Başak Balkan I  Interprète  I  Traductrice  I Anglais   Français    Turc

What I translate

My area of specialization is MARKETING (copywriting, advertising, websites, brochures), in the automotive, cosmetics, fashion industries:

One of the world's leading tire companies (website, services, videos, tire information, in-house training, questionnaires, apps, website articles...) +200.000 words

A world-famous French fashion house (in-house training on how to sell, package, fit clothes; cream and perfume information) +100.000 words

A well-known French sporting goods retailer (branding, posters, product information, videos, questionnaires) +100.000 words

Photochromic lenses and glasses company (website, brochures for clients and for sellers) +50.000 words

Transcreation of advertisements for a Swiss watch, a Turkish airline company, a German shampoo company, an international pharmaceuticals company, a French water company

Manuals: cranes, a smart thermometer, smart scales, smart watches, work clothes, printers, laser marking equipment..... +50.000 words


Product information ofr a company producing personal protective equipment against falls from heights: +10.000 words


Instructions For Use of cancellous bone screws, hip systems, knee systems, Intracranial Multilayer Flow Modulator (MFM) device designed to treat Intracranial Aneurysm  +35.000 words


Sandman Therapy software to be used with a certain device designed to combat sleep apnea 3000 words

Study Synopses, Case Reports, Clinical Drug Trial Manuals  (Treatment of prostate cancer, "Eptacog Alfa in Patients with Haemophilia A or B," Adnexal torsion) 7000 words



"The Founding of the Turkish Petroleum Company and the Partition of Middle East Oil" 9.000 words

"Tragedy of a Deceived Nation: The Assyrians" 12.000 words

"Britain's Kurdistan Policy at the end of the First World War": 11.000 words

"Ottoman Fortresses in the Balkans in the Fifteenth Century" 7.400 words



Website of musician Serge Bodart:

Studies on and interviews with Turkish artists participating in the 2009 Lyon Biennale

Exhibition texts for the 2009 Ottoman exhibition at the Louvre Museum 

Exhibition texts and conference presentations for the 2009 From Smyrna to Izmir exhibition at the Louvre Museum 


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