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Başak Balkan

Interpreter and Translator

Turkish, English, and French

Disclaimer: This list is not exhaustive


Turkish President's meeting with Belgian Prime Minister FR>TR

Green Party meetings at the European Parliament TR<>EN

Euronews: EU Commission Presidency debate, 2015 elections in Turkey, Interview with Christine Lagarde EN>TR

TAIEX seminars, workshops (decentralisation, corruption, judiciary, appellations of origin, cybercrime...) TR<>EN

High-level Belgo-Turkish Ministerial Meetings TR<>FR

Belgo-Turkish Social Security Negotiations FR<>TR

ACP – EU Trade Relations (European Journalism Center) FR<>EN 

OECD Report on Turkey (Turkish Chamber of Commerce) TR<>EN

Water Politics in Turkey (ECA Watch, European Parliament) TR<>EN

The Economy of the Maghreb (Peterson Institute of Economics) FR<>EN

European Works Councils and Trade Unions (CGSP) FR<>TR<>EN

Unions & the financial crisis (Elewijt Center) FR<>TR<>EN

Dexia Today (intra- Dexia seminar) FR<>TR<>EN

Transunion Conference FR<>TR

Turkey: Energy for a Growing Economy (EP) TR<>EN

European Competitiveness and the Role of Diaspora Networks (UNITEE, European Parliament) TR<>EN

Eurojust seminar for Turkish judges (TAIEX) TR<>EN

World Coal Conference  EN>TR




Hospital Disinfection (Laboratoires Alios, ATI) TR<>FR

The Treatment Landscape for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes – Today and Tomorrow (Just Health Ltd.) EN>TR




Literary conferences at the Yunus Emre Foundation TR<>FR

Musical Instruments of Turkish Tasavvuf (Bozar) TR<>FR



5-day training on laser engraving TR<>EN

Meeting between Turkish and Belgian diamond dealers TR<>EN

Meeting between TR agricultural engineer & wheat seed co.  TR<>FR                                                                                             

Galatasaray – Anderlecht football match, pre- and post interviews  TR<>FR




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