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Oh tatil!! Yaayy! Vacation!!! Ouii!! Congé!

Yes, tatildeyim. Sadece birkaç saatliğine. I am on vacation for a few hours. Tomorrow morning I'll go interpreting for a bunch of Turkish journalists.

I finished subtitling the last few episodes of that incredibly stupid Turkish soap opera, Serçe Sarayı (and I asked the agency, WHO ON EARTH WANTS TO WATCH THIS WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES???) -- but let's not badmouth this series which will allow me to go to luxurious Michelin starred restaurants in Lima :)) (or get my tooth implant finished in September -- boooring) and I suddenly and surprisingly quickly finished translating a technical manual on something or another - I don't even know what. I translated it, it's finished. It involved hot and cold lights. Whatever. FINITTO.


Getirin cini. Toniği. Oh beeeeeeee....

So I have been working non-stop since, like, May -- but of course, obviously, mais bien sûr, I had not a word to translate throughout April... My character must be stress-tested from time to time... Grrr...

I have been working-non stop and I have been planning for Peru non-stop. My brain has been in overdrive. Pre-departitia à dompf. Little sleep, heavy heart beat, paaaas bien -- not good. But moneyyyyyyyyy....

So, I've had long, daily to-do lists and I've taken care of everything. Purchases, tickets, itineraries, shots, downloads, bank accounts, cards, dollars...

All that remains is:

1. Pleeeease god let me receive my Deutche Bank cards tomorrow...

2. I have to watch the last 5 episodes of House of Cards.

3. CHECK: Watched last 2 episodes of Billions last night, whew.

4. Must finish last chapters of "Man of Parts", David Lodge's biography of H.G Wells. It's too thick to take and too good to leave in Lima (I need to lend it to my parents).

5. I still can't for the life of me decide whether to take those small boots, jeans and that black jacket. Grrr. There are shops in Lima. Remember that.

Tonight we have to watch 3 episodes of House of Cards. So I continue to work on my to-do list, even though I'm on vacation :)

Hayat zorluklarla olu! Amaaaa... OH TATİL.

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