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Things I will miss

I will miss my bed. My pillows. My sheets. My blanket. That's for sure.

I will miss my garden. Oh, my garden... The pond, the fish, the roses, the honeysuckle.

I will miss cherries, especially if I don't get to eat a few before leaving.

Since I won't be going to Bodrum, I'll miss swimming, figs and the sensation of sun-burnt skin cooling down while drinking a cocktail on the terrace.

Some travelers say they gorge themselves on food and drink they'll miss, but I'm not afraid of missing Vincent's wines, or Belgian beer, or any food. They'll all be patiently waiting for me here, safe and sound.

I would have missed Pyro terribly, but I miss him already :(

I wonder if I'll miss being able to communicate freely and without effort?

Will I miss lazing about with no worries, or nothing to plan?

Will I miss my clothes, my perfume, being able to express my vanity (I'm leaving without perfume, without make-up) ?

What I miss now:


Meeting new people

The unknown

Seeing new places

Fending for myself, all alone

Being alone without feeling lonely

And I know that once I'll be back, I will start to miss things I don't yet know exist. I will surely be missing ceviche and real true pisco sours and other delicious things and moments and views and places and people... but who? Where? What? Stay tuned!!!

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