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Dead tired but alive and happy

Yes, that will have to do for now... I was a diligent, concentrated schoolgirl during my 4-hour Spanish lesson this morning (great teacher, nice students, 5 people in my class, around 20 students in total, really cool school with nice activities), then had a long and pleasant lunch with a Peruvian translator colleague from TTNS, but talked and listened intently for 2 hours (and ate veeerrrry well), then sat by the SUNNY sea side, the sea was blue and so was the sky, wow, and translated for Michelin, then my ass hurt, I got cold, went home, but my landlady came and we had to go to the tailor's for my hiking clothes which are all too big. So again I had to try to speak in Spanish but my brain was losing steam... Then I came back home, had to finish Michelin and work for 3 hours on that stupid horrible ridiculous Turkish series and re-read it and go out for a taco and take a shower and reply to work e-mails aaaaarrrrggghhh and also do my homework (which I did so quickly, easily and unthinkingly that I really wonder whether it makes sense and what the teacher will say tomorrow. Maybe I learned Spanish all of a sudden. It's true that today I saw the light all of a sudden about many things.)

So I am sure you understand that I cannot write more than this. It's already midnight and my eyes are closing. I have to get up at 7.30.

It seems that Serge thinks he's commenting but the comments don't show up... Just in case anyone else thinks they are commenting, too...

I love y'all! G'nite! ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Dulces suenos :)

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