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Lima sends me off in style

Yes, Lima sent me off in style. She took me to Museo Larco, far, far away from my neighborhood. The museum is in a beautiful old mansion with an big , enchanting garden. The pathway and garden walls are covered with red bougainvillea (which I'd never seen before), there are ginormous cacti, palm trees, ferns; it's truly like a fairy tale garden. It was 6 PM by the time I got there, so I didn't take any pictures of the garden. But it was even more magical by the evening light.

Inside, it's one of the best arranged museums I've ever visited. The ceramics, potteries, textiles, paintings and jewelry are artfully placed, with plenty of room, excellent lighting... It's breathtaking. I didn't expect anything like this. I don't -- didn't -- know much about pre-inca and inca art and this was such a rich exhibition.

So Lima said, here is the history, the people who will be keeping you company from tomorrow onward. I leave you in their hands. It was the most perfect good-bye. And yes, I saw evidence of a bloody, violent culture, but I also saw such humanity and a sense of humor...

I'll now drown you in photos of what I saw.

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