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Prayer - Çok şükür

I thank you, God, or I thank Myself, who or whatever is responsible for my happiness at this moment. I thank you for this beautiful night, for these wondrous two months, for this beautiful life, I thank you for the depth of feeling I am able to feel, the happiness which is so deep it hurts beatifically; I thank you for the money in my wallet and the pain in my left toe, I thank you for my health (notwithstanding the pain in my toe) and for the strength and will power and financial power that allowed me to live all that I have been living since June 28th. I am grateful for each and every second. It has been nothing but joy and I am aware that this is not the norm for the rest of humanity. I am aware that I am somehow a Chosen One, a Spoilt Brat and I don't know what I have done to deserve all of this unbroken joy (maaşallah). My life has been en enchanted one from Day One when the Jewish doctors in Strasbourg were afraid to tell me father he had a second daughter :) and for that I am grateful to Gülden and Mithat and also to Yaprak. God look over them and all those they love. They have looked after me. If I am as happy as I am today, it is thanks to these three people as well as to Serge. God, look after Serge. If I say God, I don't know what I mean. I may be saying, Serge, look after Serge. But I love you all. I am just confounded, excited and totally confused by the amount of luck and happiness that has been bestowed upon me. I hope to deserve all this. I doubt I do, except in that I am totally aware of it all. I know people are living in misery of all sorts; in spiritual and material poverty, while I fear neither. Allahım çok şükür. Ailem çok şükür. Arkadaşlarım, Zeynep, Batu, hepsi, çok şükür.

If I died tomorrow, I would die happy; thanks to you, thank to who I am; thanks to what we have made of me.

Çok şükür.

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