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Başak Balkan

Traduction et Interprétation

Turc, Anglais et Français

It's fun to be a translator, whatever the subject!

It's a strange and pleasant feeling to walk down a street and see a poster in a shop window for a beauty cream whose brochures and information leaflets I translated, then to see on the ground a box which used to contain a mobile basketball hoop created by a leading sports brand which I have come to know in and out. I lift my eyes and there on a billboard is an advertisement for a luxury watch, the wording of which had kept me awake for a whole night. The sales assistant and the seamstress in the haute couture shop next door were trained in how to provide their respective services from A to Z through use of a thick manual I spent months translating. It would be great to go in and see how they're managing! Maybe, in the crane operating further down the street, there sits an instruction manual I translated. I studied the targeted customer experience behind that car, and looking at its tyres, I realize that I know that brand quite well, too, from its products' technical specificities to its services and how its employees are trained!


I translate from French and English into Turkish and from Turkish into French and English.


My area of specialization is marketing (copywriting, advertising, websites, brochures), in the automotive, cosmetics, fashion industries. I also perform translations in medical, technical, legal areas. I have translated several short stories and academic articles (historical and political) which have been published in English scholarly journals.

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